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Online learning discussion

Unread post by johanet812 »

A co-faculty and I were discussing the inefficiency of using multiple LMS systems and video conferencing mediums a few days ago. I'm pretty sure a handful of us have already experienced the headaches of logging into zoom, only to realize a few minutes later that you were supposed to use Google Meet or MS Teams.

The same is true with using multiple Moodle domains, Canvas, Google Classroom, etc and etc.

I actually sent this article to our head: ... t-options/

I think determining a singular, best, LMS-system should be a new practice to be taught in universities. It's much better than juggling and training new teachers again and again on different platforms. Having one unified resource would make it easier to see lapses and improve things too.

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Re: Online learning discussion

Unread post by Mamarika »

It seems to me that online learning is not effective. I've seen my kids do it. They pretend to listen to the lesson, but really they are just minding their own business. Just as many teachers pretend to lead a conference...
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Re: Online learning discussion

Unread post by kellanfarday »

I agree, I did everything to make online learning optimal for my nephew.

Bought her a new iPad, set out her own nook, and even bought some cute 'lil chairs from a cute online store (linked).

But she always gets either distracted or border–online learning is not for kids. College level, perhaps. Masters and Ph.D.? Absolutely.

When you have kids with the attention span of goldfish sit and watch lectures–you best believe they're not gonna absorb everything.
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