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One to One English Teaching

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My dear friends:
I am Orochimaru. I am a 33 year old girl and from Iran. My native language is Persian. I have BA in English Language and Literature. I am a new EFL teacher and teach independently.
I am going to teach English to a 34 year old girl, one to one. She is also from Iran and speaks Persian. She has BA in psychology and works as a hair-dresser. She is going to one of the American English speaking countries to continue her studies in psychology and live there. She has gone to English classes for some terms before but has not improved so she is going to try one to one teaching now. She is not a true beginner.
I have not taught one to one so far. Would you please help me to be an effective teacher in my first experience?
1. I want to choose the most suitable material (book, CD, cassette, ... ) for a one to one teaching and her conditions but there are a lot of English teaching materials and I can not choose. What is your suggestion and why?
2. According to what I explained, from what level should I start?
3. Is there any difference between teaching to one person and teaching to a class? What are they?
Waiting your kindness.
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Re: One to One English Teaching

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The answer to the first two questions depends directly on the student. If you do not have enough information about her, then find out more.
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