Finding work in Lyon

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Finding work in Lyon

Unread post by benny94 » 23 Jun 2018, 13:36

Hello. I've just finished my undergraduate in London studying French and Italian, and am hoping to come to Lyon to teach for a year or two to help round off my French. I'm planning on getting TEFL qualified next month, but I'd like to know about finding work in Lyon. I'm struggling to find ads for English teaching posts in Lyon online (or for France in general for that matter); would it be okay if I just turned up in Lyon around August/September time to find a position out there, or would people recommend that I get a position confirmed prior to leaving? Ie., would I be guaranteed something after a bit of in-country research?

If anyone has any links for TEFL jobs in Lyon (or France), that would be very helpful!

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Re: Finding work in Lyon

Unread post by Lattara » 11 Oct 2018, 08:03

Hello Benny, I'm moving to Lyon for the same reason really soon. Are you there? How are you getting on?

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