Age and Experience

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Age and Experience

Unread post by heighway »

I am considering CELTA training (in Nottingham, UK, if anybody has got any views on ILS and Cactus who are the only four week CELTA training companies in town)

I am 61 and have travelled extensively, particularly in Asia. I have a degree, and had classroom experience in the Royal Navy and in the corporate environment, both designing and delivering training.

In my fantasy world, I do the 4 week training before Xmas and then get a job in Vietnam, early 2016, earning reasonable money. How realistic is this given

A. my age
B. my lack of EFL/ESOL teaching experience
C. the time of year

would I get better opportunities by training in country?

Appreciate any feedback - good or bad

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Re: Age and Experience

Unread post by John V55 »

Excellent, except for . . .

1. You’ve just reached the magical ‘over 60.’ Many countries have age limits for work visas and they tend to be 60. You’d need to check on Vietnam.
2. The time of year is not very good either, as schools tend to have set terms. You might be lucky and get a private centre, but they’re unlikely to pay your air fare either, although they won’t care too much about lack of experience.
3. Emphasise your experience of teaching in the RN and corporate work.
4. I did my TEFL in Thailand, but simply having one is enough. It did teach me a lot about culture and differences though. ‘Reasonable money’? To live in Asia yes, to save up and bring it back to the UK, not so much.
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Re: Age and Experience

Unread post by Lola212 »

Its rough at 60 to be looking for new work. The younger teachers are out there and they are familiar with the newest tools. You bring experience but what about retirement? An employer may not see you as a long term employee. If its something you really want to do go for it. Give it your best shot, you may be surprised.
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Re: Age and Experience

Unread post by Caitlin »

Hi David,

Are you still looking to do this? I would recommend checking out as there are lots of Vietnam positions available and they do not discriminate on age. Hope this helps
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