Interview questions BKC - International House Moscow

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Interview questions BKC - International House Moscow

Unread post by celeretaudax » 07 May 2012, 15:03

Recently I passed my Cambridge CELTA course in Oxford and I am now seeking employment. I have applied to BKC in Moscow and have completed the pre-interview task to their satisfaction. The next stage is an interview by Skype that will be taking place on Friday the 11th of May. After reading their website I have prepared the following list of questions to ask them.

1) What levels of student will I be teaching?

2) Ditto age groups.

3) What are the class sizes?

4) To help me plan ahead, what information will you be able to give me on the above, and on individual students before I take up my post?

5) What is the dress code for teachers?

6) What classroom facilities do you have, e.g. white board, DVD/cassette players, TV/digital projection, computers/wifi/internet?

7) What will be my usual hours of work?

8) How many sites will I be teaching at and how much travelling per day will this involve?

9) What is the school policy with regard to placement tests for students?

10) My knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet is non existent. How familiar are the students likely to be with the Roman and Phonemic alphabets?

11) Is the accommodation provided fully furnished? Does this include bedding, a washing machine cookery/eating utensils and internet/wifi facilities?

12) Is there likely to be a laundrette/drycleaners nearby?

If anyone reading this post has experience of working for BKC or in Moscow, I would be grateful if he or she could give me answers to any of the above and suggest what other questions I should be asking. BKC have asked me whether I would prefer to work in Moscow or in one of the smaller towns. What advice could anyone give me here? The place Zelnograd has also been mentioned. Is this a good area or somewhere to avoid?

If you have read this far into my post, thank you very much indeed. I look forward to receiving any advice or information that you may be able to give me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard :D

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Re: Interview questions BKC - International House Moscow

Unread post by cmhofer » 23 Aug 2012, 05:07

Did anyone PM you and answer your questions? I myself am looking for work in Moscow this fall. I have applied to BKC, and we are about to set up the time for an interview. I was hoping you might tell me what to expect in that interview, and also whether the job became reality and you now have any experience working with them.

Also, if you or anyone else knows anything else about Inlingua (another school in Moscow), it would be highly appreciated. They have offered me a position but the internet 'chatter' about them is mixed. Any firsthand knowledge would be helpful. Thanks!


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Re: Interview questions BKC - International House Moscow

Unread post by teachergirl » 13 Mar 2014, 16:59

Hey Richard,

Hope this response not too late. I worked briefly for Inlingua in Moscow and did not have a positive experience. The school has a revolving door for teachers-- they are in one day, out the other. My main issue was schedule. Inlingua gave me split schedules every single day of my work (ie; working from 8-9, break, 1-3, 6-8). This would normally be fine if lessons were taking place at the school-- but in fact lessons are all over the city so you have to factor in transportation.

I couldn't recommend it... but what I CAN recommend is that you find some private students in Moscow because they are great students who are motivated to learn and they pay top dollar for native speaking teachers. It's a win-win for you, win-win for them too.

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Re: Interview questions BKC - International House Moscow

Unread post by lnic1003 » 30 Sep 2016, 12:53

Hello Richard,

Did you eventually work for BKC-Ih in Moscow?

I have just been offered a position with them and after having read some (not so recent) very negative comments about the company and its somewhat dodgy practices regarding teachers, I would truly appreciate any account of other teachers' real experiences with BKC-Ih, so as to be able to make a well-informed choice.

Any piece of honest information, either positive or negative, from BKC-Ih teachers, current or former, will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,

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