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Beware these schools in Istanbul

Posted: 11 Nov 2010, 03:11
by elliebes
I have just returned from Istanbul after teaching there for two years on a TEFL.
I will never teach in Turkey again. Im totally disillusioned with the business ethic there. The false promises of hours that dont materialise. The contracts that are not worth the paper they are written on. The hourly rate now 15 lira around most of the schools in Bakirkoy and other places. The backstabbing from other natives in an effort to get rid of you and get your hours. The not being paid on time and not being told anything finding yourself being booted when something better comes along with a degree.....being used to fill gaps in the year that they cant get another native for(unknown to you of course) then you find out 10 or more native have left the same post. The lies. The sudden changes in your job description with a like it or lump it attitude. Being backstabbed by jealous Turkish teachers. Suddenly finding yourself being farmed out to other branches with no help for fares. No help with visa. No help with residency or rent allowance. Led to believe you will be kept on for the coming new term but not told your not wanted until its too late for you to get a teaching job somewhere else. Documents seized including passport until the end of the school year (edited) so you cant leave. You have no guaranteed stability you can be sacked at a moments notice and finding yourself in Istanbul with no money is a very precarious place to be. Also running up debts to your landlord will be another problem and could land you in Turkish prison if your caught. But these schools dont care. They dont care about you and the students are just bums on seats.


Re: Beware these schools in Istanbul

Posted: 12 Nov 2010, 18:24
by elliebes
Further to this post as it has been heavily edited if you wish to know which schools Im talking about and which schools to avoid email me privately and I will tell you.

Re: Beware these schools in Istanbul

Posted: 13 Nov 2010, 06:33
by systematic
That's a very good idea. Thank you for your comprehension.

Re: Beware these schools in Istanbul

Posted: 15 Nov 2010, 05:52
by Jaydhenz
I am interested to know the name of that school you are referring. There are many issues regarding with the system of this school. If I will get the name, I will pass the information of this school to my friends.