Teaching English without degree, with TEFL certificate. Help

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Teaching English without degree, with TEFL certificate. Help

Unread post by jgmaroe » 19 Jul 2010, 18:09


I am currently living and teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a native speaker with a tefl certification, and I have the ability to market myself well to companies. My downfall is that I currently do not have a 4 year degree--I am working towards it, but am a couple years away from completion (I am taking my courses online so that I can teach and continue my education simultaneously). I am a new teacher and am looking to expand my horizons as to the best places to teach, and of course the places that I can find a job (despite my lack of bachelors degree). I am especially interested in places that tend to pay for the airfare as long as you sign a contract with them.

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Re: Teaching English without degree, with TEFL certificate.

Unread post by markc » 21 Jul 2010, 23:25

Keep working towards your degree. This will help you in the future, but for now you will have a harder situation; perhaps. Most parts of the world prefer teachers to have a degree, of course. Some places don't insist, but you will usually have a choice of the lower quality jobs.

China hires teachers without degrees - sometimes. In Europe, most schools insist on degrees, but they are not required by law. Really, every country has different regulations and a different situation. You need to check the situation in every country to find this out.

Having a paid airfare is not always so good. Sometimes it's better to just go and search - assuming you have the funds to do so, of course.

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