TEFL jobs at 72

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TEFL jobs at 72

Unread post by phillipriley » 28 Jun 2008, 14:33

Hi everyone
Can anyone help with the following problem: how to get TEFL jobs at age 72?
I have just returned from Mongolia, where I have been teaching English successfully. Before that I was teaching in Australia.
But every time I now answer a job ad, I am told I am too old at 72. In Mongolia I was described as "The best teacher in the school." (Mongolian graduate) An accountant from Cairo I taught said, "You are a truly excellent teacher." My age didn't bother any of them.
I have TEFL qualifications and a Master's Degree from Cambridge University. I am fit as a fiddle and swim half a mile each morning, cycle, walk etc. Yet I have been told "Too old at 60" by the Chinese. "Too old" by Saudi Arabia. Turned off by the Russians etc.
Is there anywhere in the world that still takes English teachers (native British) at the age of 72 and beyond? Surely there must be, or why would I have been allowed to qualify in this subject?
Yours, disgruntled by ageism. Phillip Riley

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Re: TEFL jobs at 72

Unread post by Lucy » 03 Jul 2008, 19:25

I've been giving your question a lot of thought and I'm afraid I don't know the answer.

I don't know which countries hire teachers at the age you mention. An alternative could always be to work for yourself. You would be your own boss; nobody to answer to other than your students. If this appeals to you, find out about the situation in the country before you go down this path.

I'm also moving this question into an open forum, so others can answer.


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Re: TEFL jobs at 72

Unread post by yucatan » 12 Aug 2008, 18:06

I taught in Mexico for a year, and we had teachers over 70 working there with no barriers or problems.
Good Luck

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Re: TEFL jobs at 72

Unread post by learn_spanish_mexico » 27 Aug 2008, 20:29

I am in Mexico as well, and I personally know an english Teacher who is 76 and teaching here with a lot of success.

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Re: TEFL jobs at 72

Unread post by SunShine » 17 Nov 2008, 19:04

Is all Spain as bad? I was thinking of teaching privately mainly in the Valencia region but if schools are that bad, how bad are individuals?

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Re: TEFL jobs at 72

Unread post by liming » 23 Dec 2008, 16:32

Hi Phillip ,

did you get a job? I would be interested in your experiences as I am 59 and will be attending a 4 week CELTA course in Feb 2k9 . I have applied for various jobs without any success.This could be for various reasons but if it is ageism ,is then I may have to reconsider my options, which will be a shame,as I enjoy both teaching and travelling.



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Re: TEFL jobs at 72

Unread post by Alex Case » 02 Jan 2009, 08:57

I'm guessing here, but for some of those jobs it could be that you can't get a work visa. I know that is the case for some Asian countries. That being the case, it might be best to stick the the EU where visas aren't needed. Or how about VSO?

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