Newly Qualified TEFL Teacher

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Newly Qualified TEFL Teacher

Unread post by tallpaul » 14 Nov 2007, 21:06


I am very excited because this weekend I am undertaking a TEFl course in London through i-to-i.

Although this is only the initial/fairly basic TEFL weekend qualification (albeit with an added 20hr online grammar qualification), I am planning to bolster my experience and teaching competence by teaching individuals or groups in the London area for free or for a small fee or at least a cup of tea or two lol!

My question is, does anyone have any experience of this and how would be the best way to go about it? I work full-time till 5pm Mon-Fri which does pretty much take out the possibility of doing any voluntary work at a local school.

Thanking you for any advice!

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Unread post by Comenius » 28 Nov 2007, 16:06

I'm not sure how this would work in London, but in the US there are a lot of organizations such as local schools or libraries or even churches that like to offer ESL instruction for their communities.

If just getting some experience under your belt without being overly concerned about pay is your concern at the moment, this might be an avenue you could pursue.

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