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Teaching E-Commerce in Japan

Posted: 09 Jul 2021, 10:05
by kellanfarday
This may be a little unconventional, but I've been offered a fairly complex job and I'm not really sure it fits within my set of skills.

As the title says, a friend in Japan had connected me with a teaching institution in Japan that aims to equip students with degrees in digital entrepreneurship. I've been aiming for Japan this whole time since I love the culture and have been there a few times already and just completely fell in love, but I think there is a learning curve with the things they want me to teach; I'm an English and Literature Major for goodness sake. A few things in the curriculum they want me to teach are:

-Domain Hosting
-Domain Registrars

-Sole Proprietorship
-Marketing Funnels

*Business Models
-POS systems

Now, as one would, I did my due research and read the first few articles I can find on the Google search engine: ... ng-funnel/ ... e-website/

I'm afraid though that I won't be able to absorb all the information within the span of 3 months, much less transmute it to a teachable pattern. I'm aware of domains and whatnot, but are all the other stuff not as hard as I perceive them to be?

Re: Teaching E-Commerce in Japan

Posted: 21 Jul 2021, 13:28
by kellanfarday
I'm still at a loss, can anyone shed some light? My friend is pressuring me with an answer by the end of this week. One thing that I forgot to mention is my Japanese skills are conversational to professional already, so there's that. I'm pressured to try this out with little to no knowledge and fear that I'll fail miserably. Any thoughts?

I've gathered more resources and I'm thinking that things are getting more and more familiar:

And this full guide my friend recommended me: