Resident (doctor)-patient scripts

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Resident (doctor)-patient scripts

Unread post by cloa513 » 15 Aug 2018, 07:12

Dear English Teachers

I am privately teaching a Japanese resident who works in a hospital in Japan. I would much prefer she bought a textbook so I could use that but she won't pay for it. The textbook costs twice what I get paid per lesson. Japanese hospitals only accept emergency or referral or transfers from other hospitals so no walk-ins. Can you assist me? - I have found some scripts on the internet but it is fairly limited? It should be patient-doctor conversations. She will be transitioning from resident to senior resident after pregnancy leave and entering a hospital with more non-Japanese. She wants to get into pediatrics. I though maybe "Scrubs" the TV show scripts would be useful. Any thoughts?

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Re: Resident (doctor)-patient scripts

Unread post by Joe » 16 Aug 2018, 09:17

You might find something at ... edical.htm
but to be honest it's more for nurses than doctors
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Re: Resident (doctor)-patient scripts

Unread post by cloa513 » 18 Aug 2018, 07:21

That site had a link to doctor-patient communication so I will use that.

In addition, I will use the following- the first is a snippet of how pain is different for different patients and the second longer story is more communicative.

SCRUBS Doctor Patient
Every patient handles it differently, depending on their race Does what hurt? gender Ow! I just bit the inside of my lip.
Nothing has ever hurt so badly! or even their sex life.
Oh, yeah! That feels good! Since there's no way to truly gauge how much pain someone's in, we have to rely on an archaic chart.
Since there's no way to truly gauge how much pain someone's in, we have to rely on an archaic chart.
Mr.Peele, you're about a seven on the pain chart.
Yep, you're a seven. Looking at diagram of face

Do you have any family, Mrs.Wilk?
No.I was married twice. Divorced one, the other died. Wrong one died.
Look, Mrs. Wilk, you have something called systemic amyloidosis. Now, it's in your liver now, but it'll eventually shut down all your organs. There is a treatment, but it's very invasive and, at best, it'll just give you a little more time.
- Well, I've had a great life, so - Say no more.
I'm gonna take amazing care of you.
- How's it going today? - Crappy.
I had to tell an old lady she's dying.
You? OK.
What are you doing here?
Mrs.Wilk was asking me questions that I actually thought would be best answered by you.
Why did that sweaty attorney ask me if my affairs were in order? Because I wanted to make sure that you're as comfortable as possible.
- As comfortable as possible? For what? - I'm going to sit for this.
For the place that you're going.
The big puffy clouds, bright lights, all your old friends - Seattle? - No, no, no.
Not Seattle.
The You know, the "dying peacefully" place.
- What are you talking about? - Now, I'm going to stand.
This morning, you told me you'd had a great life.
And I'd like to continue it.
This is just a misunderstanding.

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