Activities/conversation to promote English

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Activities/conversation to promote English

Unread post by cubix » 18 Dec 2005, 15:39

What activities and/or conversational topics would you use to promote English to learners of other languages? I would love to hear your ideas.

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Re: Activities/conversation to promote English

Unread post by odyssey » 23 Sep 2009, 07:45

Well, you have left the field wide open but since you posted this under Business English I would always recommend getting students to give presentations (and having the others offer feedback). Check out the following which has some free teacher resources at the end: ... ations.htm

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Re: Activities/conversation to promote English

Unread post by SGreene » 28 Oct 2011, 02:36

I have found that you can do practically anything with a business English class, so long as it produces results.

I particularly like to get students writing 5-minute e-mails for homework. The short time limit means they can find the time to do it and it is simialr to the amount of time they would spend on a minor email in their own language.

If you would like some more ideas check out this website;
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