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Financial English

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Hey, I'm a new teacher in China. I was initially expected to teach Business English, but now have the task of teaching Financial English to Accountancy students. I'm the first to teach the subject at my University, so the syllabus is pretty much all down to me. I have been told many of the students speak very little English, so I'm a bit confused as to why they are not studying beginner level English instead, but that's the Uni's choice. This is my 1st time teaching, so I would love any advice in writing a syllabus for a 5 week period, lesson plans, books that I can buy in China, etc..
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Re: Financial English

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I guess if they are beginner level the first thing to start with is numbers and dates. If you look on the Internetyou can find quite a lot of help with teaching financial English if you type in - ESL financial English.
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