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Passing CELTA to find jobs overseas

Posted: 26 Dec 2021, 14:38
by Hooman
Hello everyone, My name is Hooman Jafari and I have been teaching English for over 7 years in Iran. I have masters degree in industrial engineering but after starting to teach English as a part-time job in private language institutes, I decided to become a professional in my job and start a career in the sector of teaching which I am passionate about.

I have passed a basic Teachers Training Course but mostly I added to my knowledge of teaching by practicing and doing research on teaching language.

Recently, I have decided to move abroad and teach English to people of other countries. In this regard I came across CELTA degree as a globally renowned and accepted certification to show proficiency in teaching. With all this taken into account, I wanted to ask you the following questions:

1- Since I already have years of experience in teaching, is it possible for me to find a job abroad immediately after passing the course (given that I get a pass A)? or do I have to gain some experience AFTER getting the certificate in my own country and then apply for overseas opportunities?
2- Does the center that I pass the course in offer any positions or assistance to find a job after the completion?
3- Is it possible to find positions in English speaking countries as a teacher for a non-native person?
4- Does taking the course in a specific country have an advantage over passing it online? (for example to find a job in that same country)

Thank you so much for taking your time answering me.

Re: Passing CELTA to find jobs overseas

Posted: 27 Dec 2021, 14:07
by kdammers
Let me respond to your last two questions.

3. Yes, but it depends on the country. Some countries where this is possible, depending on the employer, are Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

4. While your extensive time teaching will be counted by a reasonable employer, experience after finishing a TEFL course has the advantage that you will see how what you've learned works in practice.

Re: Passing CELTA to find jobs overseas

Posted: 27 Dec 2021, 14:12
by Hooman
I see. Thanks for taking the time 🙏