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Information on chances of employment

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I have a National Diploma in Analytical chemistry from South Africa,and have been working for a mining industry for four years now.I am a 26 year old and I have been helping out with extra lessons at a local school with teaching young children English.I feel I have developed a passion for teaching and I registered for the 300 hour online i to i TEFL course.I do not have money to go back to university and get a degree,which is why I felt it was better I take this online course.

I would like to get clear information on my chances of getting employment in countries abroad as an EFL teacher without a university degree.If it is something possible. which countries are more open to hiring without university degrees? since the only qualification I can rely on now is this i to i 300 hour online qualification.

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Re: Information on chances of employment

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The name ‘Letho’ doesn’t sound like a native English speaker or Caucasian and additionally, without a degree your chances are slim. An ‘online’ TEFL course won’t help much either. If indeed you’re black South African without a degree I’d say your chances are next to zero.

You could try countries like Thailand or Cambodia in private language centres, but if you already have employment where you are I’d stay put. Sorry, but that’s clear and honest information Letho.
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