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Further Education After Online TEFL Course

Posted: 04 Jan 2018, 14:29
by Terrafora
Hello all,

First time poster here. Towards the back end of last year I finally graduated university (with a BA in Japanese and film) and picked up a 140 hour online TEFL course the summer prior from TEFL Cambridge which I finished with a distinction. I'm starting to apply to ALT and EFL jobs in Japan now but I'm not sure how my certification is viewed by employers, especially as I have no in classroom experience of teaching.

What I wanted to ask is, from another's point of view, how much of an issue is my lack of experience to employers in Japan (or other places around the world) when I have the theory down and a certification to prove it?

The other question I'd like to ask is, what would be a good next step in terms of further training?
I'm currently on a bit of a budget and would rather avoid spending more money on courses (particularly online ones) if they're not actually going to make me more employable for the moment, and I currently don't have the money to take on a CELTA course.

Thank you all in advance for your feedback.

Re: Further Education After Online TEFL Course

Posted: 11 Dec 2018, 15:01
by kdammers
I recommend that you look for volunteer opportunities at home. Not only will this count as experience on your resume, it will give you a real taste of teaching and a chance to apply what you have learned in your courses.