Thoughts on 'Ninja Teacher'

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Thoughts on 'Ninja Teacher'

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So, carrying on from my post and the replies in my first post, I've come across a company that call themselves 'Ninja Teacher.'

Here is the website. I've been checking out their 1 month TEFL course they offer in Vietnam. The price is reasonable, it's a 150h course with class time and it's accredited. The company itself is also quite active in social media, the owner appears to upload to YouTube often with hints and advice and they have an FB community group.

Has anyone heard of these guys before? Or have experience with dealing with them? I don't think their course is listed in the directory on this website.

Reason I ask is I've joined this FB group and requested people from the UK get in touch with me so I could pick their brains and get an honest opinion - but the company owner replied with names, one of which was asked by them to speak to me. Could be reading too much into it, but it could be a warning sign. I've yet to see any negative comments at all.
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Re: Thoughts on 'Ninja Teacher'

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Hey Coupaholic,

Alex here from Ninja Teacher. From your previous post sounds like teaching in Vietnam is a great option for you. As a native English speaker with a bachelors degree, sounds like a good in class TEFL would give you lot's of options for teaching out here!

As for mentioning people by name in our Facebook group, I usually just throw out a few names off the top of my head of people who've done our courses and I know wouldn't mind chatting about their experience. Currently we have a few hundred people a year going through our 4 week course in Vietnam.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and we'll be happy to answer in specific inquiries about the course in detail.


Alex Stevenson
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