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training for teaching online

Unread post by lgraham00 » 18 Jan 2016, 15:48

Hi, I have a BA (hons) in history (1st), a PGCE and a level 4 adult literacy specialist qualification (quite grammar based - we did sentence trees and the likes), with several years of teaching English, history and careers in schools and colleges in UK. I'm taking a career break at present to care for my young daughter and looking at options for returning to work. Teaching English online appeals as A, I love teaching, B, it's flexible (I hope), and C, hopefully the clients are better mannered than some of the 15 year olds I've taught (although some of them were lovely too). So my questions are as follows:

-What's the minimum level of qualification I need to do, bearing in mind several years of classroom teaching experience already? Realistically I need to earn approximately £70-100 a day over 10 hours to make this a realistic prospect, so the qualification need to be able to attract that kind of pay. Can I get away with an online only TEFL course or should I really be looking at CELTA? I'd rather not spend that kind of money at present, having been out of work for a while but if needs must...

-Can anyone recommend agencies or other methods I could start with now to get the cash coming in? -Can anyone recommend a course with a focus on teaching online as, other than Skyping friends in the US, I know very little about how to go about teaching online.

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Re: training for teaching online

Unread post by Susan » 18 Jan 2016, 19:56

A PGCE is equivalent to a Diploma in TEFL. With the PGCE, you have the classroom management, lesson planning, etc covered. In your situation, I would say an online course is enough to cover what you are missing.

Why don't you just get your CV out there already and see what happens?

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Re: training for teaching online

Unread post by AditiS12 » 10 Aug 2017, 11:05

Hi, nowadays lot of options are available, you can try various teacher training programs.

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Re: training for teaching online

Unread post by roshthakur » 02 Jun 2018, 09:31

Now it is easy to learn a anything online and the best part is that it is also available free of cost.

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