alternate experience + certification?

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alternate experience + certification?

Unread post by cbiz83 » 03 Sep 2015, 20:43

Hey folks, I've been reading this message board and I think there's so many great resources here. Awesome find.

My question: I'm planning on doing a CELTA course in the next year, and I"m a native Eng. speaker. I also have a BA and MA (in French) and 9 years of college language/literature teaching experience (and am finishing my dissertation for phd).

I realize that teaching French is not teaching English, but communicative method and target-language only instruction are things I've had to learn and become proficient in during my teaching (but no official certification in any methodologies).

Does my educational background and language teaching experience hinder my prospects with CELTA courses (admission) and job seeking abroad? To be honest, I really love teaching language--there's nothing like empowering people to communicate successfully and though I won't abandon my degree in progress because I'm waaay too far along to call it quits, teaching English abroad and living among different people is sort of the dream.

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Re: alternate experience + certification?

Unread post by Susan » 04 Sep 2015, 17:52

I think you'd have a good chance of being accepted on a course.

Also for jobs but that depends on the country you choose and the type of job you apply for.
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