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Advice please

Posted: 14 Mar 2015, 10:43
by shelleycb
Hi everyone ,
I`m a newbie hear , i would like some advice on weather an online course is good enough to gain employment in Asia and the best ones out there. I have been a lecturer for over 20 years but not in this area. Any help or advice would be great thanks


Re: Advice please

Posted: 07 Apr 2015, 23:13
by John V55
Hi Shelley,
Your question is unclear; do you mean an online TEFL, or degree? Online courses are generally looked down on and often not accepted. If it’s a TEFL, the easiest way is to go to Asia and do it there on arrival. Do a few months voluntary work to get the hang of it all and take it from there. The best forum to ask is ‘’, which favours Thailand and ‘’ to upload your resume for worldwide offers.

Yes teacher_7, it is a bit quiet, isn’t it :)