A little advice from those in the know please

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A little advice from those in the know please

Unread post by optimist » 20 Jun 2014, 11:22

Hello everyone,

My name is Jon,

To put this as succinctly as possible, my question is, I suppose, quite simple.

I do not have a degree. I was hoping to gain my CELTA qualification, and use it to teach abroad (anywhere really) and fund the commpletetion of an OU degree. This would cost approximately £2700 a year.

So my question really is, do you think I could fund this course with work I could get without a degree. And also, do you think I would have enough spare time to study part time also.

There are further details, as to why I want to teach English and why I think I would be able and why I would enjoy it. Also my degree situation is a little more complex but I don't wish to bore you with the details.

I hope someone can pass some useful advice on to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


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Re: A little advice from those in the know please

Unread post by JeffB » 26 Jun 2014, 13:17


I studied at Open University in England (been living in China now two years).
I came here on a business visa and an internship. I finished my Degree and then changed over to a Z Visa for working. YEs it is possible but I wont lie. It was bloody hard work, also I enrolled in the Uk to OU and completed most of it in England before leaving. Techniqcly you are suppose to pay a higher fee if not studying from UK I beleive. This is to have course resources and books sent out. I would contact the OU directly, they are a great bunch of helpful people.

So, to answer your question. Yes it is possible to do that all. But be prepared for blood and sweat for a year or two. Depending on which country you travel too you may or may not get a visa with out a Degree. Internships are common in China but I think its a grey area. Also the government seem to be making it harder to get visas, so better do it sooner rather than later.

Apply for a TEFL course, smash through it and get your Cert. Apply for an "internship" to teach and then travel and work. Don't expect a high wage, but if you negotiate and live sensibility you can support distant learning. Of course though you do need to pay the UK fees some how and the logistics of internet connection and sending money home can be a nightmare.



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