Im freaking out!!

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Im freaking out!!

Unread post by Paulc » 17 Apr 2014, 13:30

Recently I was accepted to a CELTA course. In the pre interview task, I found myself having difficulties with the grammar sections.

Im a native English speaker and to my knowledge have never been taught grammar in my life, despite holding GCSE's, an -level and a degree in English Lit. I stated in the application that \i was concerned about my lack of grammatical prowess but was accepted to the course.

Now I find myself doing the pre course task and Im completely freaking out. The language awareness section might as well be in sand script! Ive never heard of 99% of these terms and Im having great difficulty grasping the many concepts in they include. Spotting gramatical mistakes is easy, but the identification of the terms, the explainations of incporrect grammar are too varied and too complicated for me!! What the hell is a gerund?!

Granted ive only been wrestling with all these new things for 3 days but the idea that Im walking into this course with as much awareness of these terms as the people im supposed to be teaching fills me with dread!

Have I just flushed my money down the toilet?

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Re: Im freaking out!!

Unread post by Susan » 17 Apr 2014, 18:16

No need to worry, everybody is like that when they start. Buy yourself a good grammar book, then read and learn it.
Lucy Pollard's Guide to Teaching English

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