In-country TEFL/TESL courses

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In-country TEFL/TESL courses

Unread post by BamaNoggin » 10 Feb 2014, 02:13


I'll try to keep this short. I'm from the US and have an Associate's degree but not a Bachelor's. I'm looking at several options regarding getting my certification and getting a job overseas, but this particular post has to do with the option of taking a TEFL/TESL course in the country I would eventually want to teach in. There are a multitude of schools in each country that promise job placement, visa assistance, etc., not to mention "where in the country do you want to teach?". Plus, even the most highly rated schools have the occasional "nightmare story". I have already been talking to Chichester for their school in Thailand. They seem to have good potential and a decent reputation.

Here are the other countries I'm looking at getting my certification and working in: Russia, China, Spain, Argentina, and Chile. There may also be other countries I haven't considered. I don't currently have a preference for regions in any of these countries, nor do I currently have a preference for age levels to teach.

In each of those countries, I am looking for a reputable training school that can provide me with good training (which would include actual teaching practice). However the main purpose in wanting to take a course in a country is job placement. Which schools have the highest rate of job placement following successful completion of their course?

My apologies for rambling. Thanks in advance for any advice provided.


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Re: In-country TEFL/TESL courses

Unread post by Nefty » 05 Apr 2014, 16:12

Hello, Im new in this Forum... so it's a pleasure to share my experiences, doubts and comments with you... Im a teacher of English as a Second language in Spain (Tenerife) and I would like to attend to some workshops or conferences dealing with English teaching and new tendencies in teaching languages... Some years ago i was working in south America and I could attend to some workshops there and be updated but here I think it is more complicated since there are not so many institutions working to coach and recycle teachers. If you have any idea of any possible conferences or workshops here, please let me know. Thank you very much.


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