Appropriate TEFL training for experienced lecturer?

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Appropriate TEFL training for experienced lecturer?

Unread post by elenw » 28 Dec 2013, 19:09

Hi all,

I currently work as a university lecturer (business studies) and have a Degree, MA and a PGCE, but would like to undertake TEFL training and work overseas for a while (or longer!).

As such, I would appreciate advice on the type of training which would be most appropriate, ie. I have significant teaching experience (plus training re: lesson planning, assessment, etc) and a Level 3 communications qualification (a while ago!), but need specific input on current practices and methods/tools for teaching English.

I'd also appreciate, if possible, advice on where to train - I live in the Midlands (UK). Would on-line training be appropriate, ie. would I benefit on the face-to-face sessions, or are they designed to develop general teaching practice for those who haven't done it before? All advice most gratefully accepted!

Many thanks...El :)

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Re: Appropriate TEFL training for experienced lecturer?

Unread post by Lucy » 31 Dec 2013, 11:47

Hi El,

It may be possible to teach abroad with the qualifications you already have.

You don't say what age group your PGCE is in. I'm guessing it's secondary or primary. For me there is a big difference between teaching and lecturing. I'm sure you see the difference too.

If you're looking for a lecturing job, there are English speaking universities around the world where your current skills could help you get a job. YOu could look at ex-British colonies or commonwealth countries. Other countries also have English language universities. You could approach them already or look at their websites.

If you're looking at teaching, there are English language schools (both primary and secondary) in many countries around the globe. These are aimed at the children of ex-pats. They teach the same (or a similar) curriculum to UK or American schools. There are also schools for the children of British Forces Posted Overseas.

Any of the above would allow you to travel with the qualifications you have.

If you really want to be an EFL teacher (and I would think hard about this), your salary and working conditions could be much less than the type of institution I mention above. If that is the route you wish to take, I think what you're lacking is knowledge of English language and how to teach it. I'm sure your PGCE prepared you for classroom management, lesson planning, etc. It may be enough for you to do a short course in TEFL for you to cover those basics. It may not be necessary to do a full TEFL certificate. The advantage of doing a TEFL certificate is that EFL schools will instantly recognise the qualification and may not know the PGCE. This could eliminate you in the first round of a selection process. If I were you, I'd contact the British Council, they would be able to advise you and you may even be able to get a job in one of their centres.

In any case, do come back and let us know how you get on with any of this research or for more ideas!


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