Top-down / Bottom-up Reading

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Top-down / Bottom-up Reading

Unread post by chinachap » 01 Dec 2013, 15:14

Hello all,

I've been asked to suggest a few tasks for a reading lesson. Three top-down and three bottom-up.

As far as I know, top-down is when students use what they already know about the world to read. Bottom-up is where they look at the words on the page to read. So, could you look at my ideas and check them or suggest some others? I'm especially unsure of bottom-up reading activities.

Thank you.

1) Skim read - look quickly over the text to get a general idea of it.
2) Scan read - find specific information in the text you were looking for
3) Predict - Look at the title of a newspaper and guess what the article will include

1) Collocations - give students a list of words and ask them to find the collocations
2) Word meaning - look at the highlighted words and work out their meaning from the words around it.
3) Read aloud - give students a short text to read aloud.

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Re: Top-down / Bottom-up Reading

Unread post by nicholasbent » 27 Jan 2014, 12:07

I can't understand your top-down and bottom-up techniques.

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