Furthering my Career - MA, Ph.D or CELTA/DELTA?

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Furthering my Career - MA, Ph.D or CELTA/DELTA?

Unread post by carokry » 24 Nov 2013, 11:50

I already possess a MA in Cognitive Science and TEFL certification. Currently I'm working as an EFL instructor abroad but have been thinking about future career opportunities.

I would like to see myself able to return home (to the States) and to pick up a well-paying (or decent) instructor position at the college level. Most universities require a Ph.D to qualify as an associate professor but lower-level colleges will hire with an MA.

My question is whether I would be better served studying for a Ph.D in Applied Linguistics to qualify for any position or if colleges would hire me with my MA in Cognitive Science and TEFL experience.

I will probably have 3-5 years experience before I return home but I was thinking that perhaps during this time I could/should add another credential or at least be specialized in the linguistics field (another MA in applied linguistics? a CELTA? a DELTA after the CELTA?). My focus on applied linguistics stems mainly from the fact that I don't have the background and foundational theories in second language acquisition and I would really like this.

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Re: Furthering my Career - MA, Ph.D or CELTA/DELTA?

Unread post by Joe » 27 Nov 2013, 02:19

I'm a little bit confused :)

Seems to me that your real question is: "Do I want to work for lower-level colleges?"

I say that because on the face of it you have answered your own question :twisted:

Is that a fair comment or have I misunderstood something?
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