Undergrad aspiring to teach in Hong Kong

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Undergrad aspiring to teach in Hong Kong

Unread post by cjchan » 17 Nov 2013, 04:12

I am an American-born Chinese currently in my second year of college in the States. I'm pursuing a BA in Applied Linguistics and minors in Chinese, Korean, and Speech and Hearing Science. I hope to return to my parent's hometown to teach English soon after I graduate and was wondering what measures I would have to take to do so. I know I have a long way to go, but it never hurts to be prepared and have answers for future reference, right? I have a couple of questions, so I'd appreciate any help to point me in the right direction!

1. After graduating with a BA in Linguistics, should I go for an MA in TESOL/TEFL or a PGDE and then take the TEFL/CELTA/other?

2. Would it be a boost for employment if I obtain any of the above in Hong Kong?

3. Similar to question #2, will it help if I know, albeit minimal/conversational, Cantonese and Mandarin?

4. I'll be teaching English in Asia (hopefully Hong Kong) for 5 weeks this summer. It's not an internship per se, but would that possibly count as experience? If not, I do wish to teach in Korea for a few years before I head over to Hong Kong.

5. Which types of schools tend to be more difficult to find employment in? For example, government, international, religion-affiliated, etc.

6. Teaching at primary versus secondary level?

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Re: Undergrad aspiring to teach in Hong Kong

Unread post by absolutely » 06 Feb 2014, 16:31

I will be taking the CELTA course very shortly. I can therefore answer only a couple of your questions...

1. For teaching english at a basic level, many opt for taking the CELTA alone. It is an internationally recognised qualification shows that you meet the requirements of teaching ESL.

2. Website such as ESL cafe for an extensive list of job opportunities in Asia. From my research they are quite easy to obtain.

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