Teaching Chinese Universtiy students

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Teaching Chinese Universtiy students

Unread post by Paul Mc » 12 Aug 2013, 22:26

I have just arrived in China and am training by teaching 13 year-olds. They are a lot more advanced than I anticipated and I am wondering how am I going to step up to teaching 18-21 year-olds.
Any and all help, tips, links and advice are hugely appreciated.

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Re: Teaching Chinese Universtiy students

Unread post by becki » 19 Aug 2013, 02:20

University students in China can be quite demanding. They are interested in learning and like to be challenged. I recommend starting the term off by doing a thorough "Needs Analysis". Directly ask the class what they want to learn and how they want to do it.

In general, the Chinese students work well in groups. Try doing role plays, debates, and presentations. They are interested in other countries and like controversial topics.

If you would like more information, you can send me a message. I have some sample courses with lesson plans and materials on my website.

All the best!
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