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INTESOL worldwide

Unread post by colinmaltman » 03 Jul 2013, 18:11

hey guys. currently about to embark on my first tefl journey. i thought i'd come here first though. its my first experience of tefl and any help here would be greatly appreciated. basically i have came across a website which is offereing 490pounds for a 190 hour course online - 40 which are classroom and teaching practice. it all seems a bit too good to be true. has anyone qualified wth them and what are everyones experiences?? is TESOL any good. really need advice!

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Re: INTESOL worldwide

Unread post by kaithegreene » 07 Jul 2013, 13:28

Sorry if I'm being a bit thick here, but how do you do 40 hours of classroom and teaching practice on-line?

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