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Specialised and Young Learner Courses - IHCYL, CELTYL

Unread post by ALNDED » 26 May 2013, 23:51

Hello, I've posted here once before and received some good advice, and I'm now hoping for some more :D .

My employer is offering to part sponsor a young learner course at an International House centre. As far as I am aware, it is not the CELTYL but IH's own YL certificate (this offer was only recently made and I have not gotten the details yet). My question is if the IH certificate is on a par with the Cambridge extension? Given the circumstances, I doubt my employer would sponsor a CELTYL instead, but if it turns out the IH certificate is not regarded on the same level, then I will probably turn down the part sponsorship offer, and wait until I can take the CELTYL (and fund myself).

I have also looked into taking IH courses in exam prep and one to one teaching. I know that doing business and ICT teaching qualifications helps career wise, and I am wondering if gaining certificates in exam prep and tutoring might help too. Does anyone have any advice on this?


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Re: Specialised and Young Learner Courses - IHCYL, CELTYL

Unread post by Alex Case » 01 Jun 2013, 21:39

The IH course sounds fine. Cambridge insist that YL-extension trainers be trained on existing YL-extension courses and do a certain number of such courses to keep their status as trainers, and this is simply not possible nowadays with the very fee YL-extension courses running worldwide. Therefore, lots of centres are looking to offer other equivalents and it might well be worth asking if the centre and/ or trainers have YL-extension experience.

Any certs are useful and IH is a well known name, but as you said ICT and Business are probably more recognised as things to have qualifications in than one to one and exam prep. The other thing is that a Trinity Dip or Cambridge Delta is worth more than a whole bunch of certs put together, so that should be your priority whenever you have the right level of experience.
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