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CELTA - UK or abroad

Unread post by trainee » 22 May 2013, 18:21

Does it make much difference whether you do your CELTA in the UK or abroad? I want to work in Spain but I'm wondering if the qualification would carry more weight if it were gained  in the UK?

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Re: CELTA - UK or abroad

Unread post by rachelb » 26 May 2013, 17:48

I'd say that if you want to work in Spain, getting your CELTA qualification there, particularly in the city or region in which you want to work, would actually be more advantageous - the course tutors may be in a better position to give you specific advice about working in the country, and they could even put you in contact with potential employers. The other trainees on your course, your students, and generally other people you may encounter when you are there could also be useful sources of work-related information.

Re: the UK: I don't think doing the course there would carry more "weight" in itself. The reputation of the course provider might make a slight difference, but ultimately the fact that it's a CELTA and not some dodgy online certificate makes the details of how you get it somewhat arbitrary.

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Re: CELTA - UK or abroad

Unread post by Alex Case » 01 Jun 2013, 21:42

A perfect summary of the situation by rachelb, I can really think of nothing to add!
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Re: CELTA - UK or abroad

Unread post by kaithegreene » 07 Jul 2013, 14:05

One of the advantages of doing CELTA away fom home is that you have less distractions such as weddings and parties to attend (no time for social life during a four week intensive). On the other hand, you're more likely to experience teaching multilingual classes in the UK than abroad as students tend to be local.

Good luck either way.

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Re: CELTA - UK or abroad

Unread post by footballmad » 10 Jul 2013, 07:53

There is no doubt that choosing a well-established and successful (in candidate results) Centre is very important when you are going to spend your hard-earned cash. Commited, exacting and supportive tutors are a must.

You would think that a Centre appointed by Cambridge University ESOL/ English would be a stamp of quality guarantee, but it isn't.

There is a very good checklist on this site under FAQs of information to research before handing over your cash.

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