Language Task in CELTA application form.

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Language Task in CELTA application form.

Unread post by TommyJ » 19 Feb 2013, 23:30

Im currently doing the Language task in the Celta form, i.e. the form that asks you assess how to correct "students mistakes", "written work", "students understanding in difference in meaning" aswell as to write 300 words on a learning experience.

I am nearly completed this part, however, I have been cheating a bit by using the internet aswell as figuring it out myself. Can somebody tell me if you should use the internet? I mean, will it help me when it comes to the interview process? or even when im doing the course? Im starting to wonder if this course is for me if I have to rely on the internet. I mean my spelling and grammer is good but not excellent, this maybe due to my dyslexia. My ability to demonstrate a spelling and grammer issues to students deffinetly needs to be improved on.
That said, I thaught these are the kind of things I will learn about during the course anyway. I thaught I could improve on these problems during the course anyway, especially since I want to do an extended version of the course. So I dont know if I have anything to worry about. I will however try and improve on these issues prior to the course anyway.

Can somebody tell me, what kind of person do you need to be to do this course? and on the basis of what i have told you, do you think I am capable of doing this course? im just worried about it, thats all.

anyhelp or advice would be great. Yours Sincerely. Tommy.

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Re: Language Task in CELTA application form.

Unread post by Susan » 20 Feb 2013, 13:04

just in response to using the internet: it's a good idea. you can also consider buying or borrowing a book from a library.
Lucy Pollard's Guide to Teaching English

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