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CELTA Courses in London

Unread post by Amusicum » 14 Jan 2013, 09:11

Hello all,

I am planning on doing a CELTA course in London in May. I have narrowed my choice down to St. Giles Highgate and International House. Has anybody taken these courses? Has anybody got comments on the content of the course/how good the trainers were/job prospects etc.? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Also, is CELTA the best course to do? I've also heard that Trinity TESOL is a good option.

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Re: CELTA Courses in London

Unread post by JulieJohnson » 15 Jan 2013, 12:07

Hi Amusicum,

I did my CELTA with International House Prague and was very happy with it (4-week intensive in 2003). I got a job very quickly afterwards too. I can't comment on St Giles because I have no experience with them.

Trinity TESOL is also a very solid, reputable organisation (I used to train teachers in it ;) so I suspect the choice might come down to the location of jobs you are aiming at. For example, the CELTA is particularly well recognised in Asia and the Trinity in Central and South America I think. Both are strong in Europe. But I wouldn't worry about that too much because a full qualification from either tend to stand hands and feet above many the shorter courses out there at the moment and good schools will know that.

Hope this helps,

Julie Johnson

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Re: CELTA Courses in London

Unread post by andyt » 23 May 2013, 09:15

I'm so glad I came across this forum as I have set my sights on becoming an EFL teacher. After some research I now know that CELTA and Trinity TESOL should really be my only options to get recognised. I have chosen CELTA as my destination will be in Asia (Hong Kong) and also because Cambridge is more well known. My ethnic is Chinese but I have been in England to study since I was 9.

I gathered that International House (IH) is a good choice and is also based in London, so this is where I will apply. With all that out of the way, can anyone give me some advice on the following:

- How strong is the competition for places? For CELTA (My preferred choice) and TESOL
- I am currently situated in Hong Kong, will the application procedure be any difference to if I am in the UK? (Interview procedures etc...)
- Apart from IH, which other places in London would you recommend to get CELTA? (In case I fail to get into IH)

Thank you in advance.


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