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Best Online TEFL Courses

Unread post by Allison » 22 Oct 2012, 15:22

Hi everyone,

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Allison. I currently live in Madrid, Spain. I am looking for the best online course that will give me the best chance at seeking employment. Most of the Celta courses I found don't start until January, and the other part-time course starts in April of next year. I want an online course for a few reasons: one of them being able to study at my own pace. THe second one is more prevalent in my mind. I am visually impaired, and I fear the course content and books required on the Celta course will not be accessible. I have completed a Batcheleor's degree in psychology and a masters in social work from Fordham University with a few modifications. One of them being having the textbooks in advance of the semester. I fear the month-long intense nature of the Celta would be too much for me in terms of scanning the books etc. So started my search for an online course. I have two options in mind and I've read great an negative reviews on both, so I'm a bit skeptical. Which one would you choose? Also, do you know of anyone totally blind/visually impaired who has successfully completed the Celta? I don't feel my disability will hinder me in being an affective, dynamic and fun teacher, but I want to make sure that whatever course I choose, I get the most out of it. If you know of anyone who has taken the Celta with some vision loss, I'm all ears. I know that the Celta is a stronger certificate than the online ones. I have volunteered and taught some private English classes. Thank you for any advice you can provide. It is much appreciated.


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Re: Best Online TEFL Courses

Unread post by lalaa » 23 Oct 2012, 09:25

Do you want to teach in China?

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