Young TEFL teachers accepted ?

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Young TEFL teachers accepted ?

Unread post by ChiefHarry » 23 Jun 2012, 16:50

Hello, I'm 18 and I am planning to do a course with UK - TEFL, Id like to travel around and spend a year in a country, I was wondering if this company has a good reputation (some say its good, others, not so..) and if my age will stop me working abroad.

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Re: Young TEFL teachers accepted ?

Unread post by Jemineye » 28 Jun 2012, 20:45

When I first started doing research on TEFL in general - I came across this site as well. I was going to go for it and then a friend recommended that I might want to look into things a bit more.

In my opinion, what I've realised with company's like UK - TEFL is that while they may present job opportunities for you after on their website, the qualification in itself might hinder you from finding work abroad by yourself/with other companies. What's more is that, while it'll provide you with some insight, depending on you, yourself, you mightn't find it very helpful. (I recall reading a comment somewhere about a guy who did a course like this and found that when he had found work, he was completely unprepared). I, myself, am introverted and with no teaching experience whatsoever and I like to get in a little deeper so I feel like a longer course would benefit me greatly, but again, that's just me.

To work abroad as an ESL teacher in most countries - you require a university degree in any subject - especially in the Far East. There are options, however, and government funded programs like JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme) that will accept you with or without the UK - TEFL qualification; competition is fierce however (I applied once and didn't even make it to the interview stage).

Ultimately, however, my advice would be to go down the root and do the proper TEFL qualification - the CELTA or the CertTESOL. These courses are one month long - full time - and the qualification is recognised internationally meaning that finding work will be much easier. The course is highly intensive; there is no exam, but you are assessed through assignments and you also, undergo 6 hours teaching of real foreign students (for me, this is valuable because of my lack of teaching experience). A friend of mine did her CELTA at 18 and has since worked in Vietnam, Japan and will be going to Sudan later on this year.

Of course, you could just wish to take a gap year and my waffling might not have helped you at all xD, but hopefully I managed to provide you with some insight.

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