Are ALL CELTA courses run through Cambridge

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Are ALL CELTA courses run through Cambridge

Unread post by CELTASkelta » 25 May 2012, 18:18

Hello Friends! I have just gone through the ENTIRE Cambridge list of CELTA course sites without finding what I need.

Still I see other places listed in Cactus.

Are ALL real CELTA courses run through Cambridge or are there other licensors? If there are others, are there "good" and "bad" ones? I have not been able to find a shorter (less than 12 weeks) PT course in a place that I really want to go, via Cambridge, so I'm looking for other places to look. Are there any, for CELTA specifically. (I'm going to post separately but what about recommendations for a truly awesome TEFL cert?)

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Re: Are ALL CELTA courses run through Cambridge

Unread post by Alex Case » 28 May 2012, 20:45

CELTA is the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. The other obvious option would be the Trinity CertTESOL, but you are not going to find a part time course of less than 12 weeks anywhere. This is because part-time courses are for people still doing full time jobs and no one could manage, for example, a full time job and an 8 week CELTA as CELTA takes up every working hour of 4 weeks in the full time version.

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