Which TEFL course to do in Thailand?

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Which TEFL course to do in Thailand?

Unread post by sarahhum » 21 May 2012, 21:18


I've just started researching TEFL as I have long harboured a desire to do something meaningful abroad, and having got my career in a good place in London, at 26 it feels like the right time.

Having travelled through Asia and loved it I am keen to teach in Thailand, Vietnam or South Korea. I have a degree so should meet the eligibility requirements.

I definitely want to do the 120 hours with teaching practise so I can do my students justice and ensure I can feel confident standing up in a classroom. How ever from what I've read and not knowing if I am going to make a career out of teaching, I get the impression that doing the CELTA could be over the top, do you agree? So I'm looking at non CELTA TEFL courses that I believe will be a bit less intense but still prepare me and be sufficient to find work?

I've seen a few courses in Phuket And wondered if anyone has any views on them? The two I'm looking at are TEFL Phuket and TEFL plus Does anyone have any views on these? TEFL plus looks good as it is passed by the Ministry of Education but I have also heard some good reviews on TEFL Phuket.

If I study in Thailand will the course likely to be able to help me find work in the rest of Asia? I quite fancy the out of city training locations as I'm kind of done with big cities after London.

Thanks so much for your advice in advance


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Re: Which TEFL course to do in Thailand?

Unread post by Alex Case » 23 May 2012, 19:53

Despite some online rumours spread mainly by their competitors and the few people who failed the course, there is nothing in the slightest bit "over the top" about the CELTA. It is a 120 hour course with 6 hours of observed teaching practice, which is the industry standard, and the failure rate in just 3% with many courses having a 100% pass rate. It is also specifically designed for people with no teaching experience or qualifications. Although in the three countries you mentioned you could get away with other qualifications or even nothing, CELTA is by far the most recognised course, and if you ever go back to the UK CELTA and Trinity are basically the only two worth having.

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