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Unread post by HeidiB » 22 Apr 2012, 17:43

Hi all,

I would like to study a CELTA in Spain this summer. I am a 30 year old native speaking English girl with a university degree. My background is in Graphic Design but I want to make a serious career change and teach English abroad.

I've decided I'd like to study the course in Europe and have narrowed it down to Spain. I initially looked at Eastern Europe, but I'd like to learn some Spanish to increase my employ-ability and add to my CV. I know this is a little more expensive and it is more competitive in western Europe, however I'd be prepared to go wherever employment takes me afterwards.

I've been reading the forum and have found a lot of useful information but I still have a few specific questions. I'd welcome honest opinions to the following questions to help me make a decision as I am finding the choice of courses etc overwhelming!

1. Is it worth paying the extra cash to do a course at International House?
2. Spain Vs Poland/Czech Republic etc - does it really matter where you do a CELTA as long as it's a CELTA?
3. Can anyone recommend a particular school in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville or Valencia?
4. Should I do the 5 week course over the 4 week course? I know it's going to be intense and am not afraid of putting the hours in...

Any help would be appreciated as I'm really struggling! Thanks.

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Unread post by josef » 23 Apr 2012, 08:38

#2 (and possibly #1) is answered at the below FAQ:
http://www.tefl.net/tefl-courses/faq-te ... .htm#celta

Is there any benefit to choosing a particular school for my CELTA?
No. The CELTA is incredibly standardised, so you may as well choose by price and location.

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