Teacher Training - TKT & Degree vs CELTA

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Teacher Training - TKT & Degree vs CELTA

Unread post by JLangridge » 17 Apr 2012, 15:41

Ok, so i know the easy answer is CELTA but for the many among us that dont immediately have £1000+ to hand I am interested in advice and opinions on my current predicament.

Along with quite a few others if my research is accurate I fell for the 120 hour online advanced course with TEFL express and am nearing completion of it. From what most people seem to be saying in terms of 'on paper' this is pretty much entirely useless. I am planning on taking the TKT modules 1-3 at very least and already have a 2:1 degree from the University of London (in media from 2002!) so hopefully this will stand for something.

Of course I would love to (and hopefully will) take the proper CELTA course as soon as I am able but in the mean time would appreciate anyones thought and opinions on what the practical differences are between full on CELTA vs TKT and Degree (and native English speaker).

Is it more that certain countries will not accept you? all countires? lower income? etc etc.

Any thoughts and advice are much appreciated, I am enjoying my studies a great deal (who knew grammar could be fun!!) so am certainly not against spending more time and money on accreditation - am just intrigued to know the real differences as opposed what you find on company affiliated forums.

Many Thanks and I look forward to hearing your opnions,

All the best

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Re: Teacher Training - TKT & Degree vs CELTA

Unread post by Alex Case » 19 Apr 2012, 20:30

Well, a degree is more important than a CELTA, especially for getting visas, and having two qualifications will mean you are more qualified than many people applying for TEFL jobs, especially in places like Korea and China. However, there is no substitute for observed teaching practice, and so there will be plenty of jobs you simply won't be able to get without the CELTA or equivalent (yours are not equivalent).

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