How to become a "TEFL" teacher

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How to become a "TEFL" teacher

Unread post by Mchristine » 12 Oct 2011, 12:31

I live in Paris, am French but lived in the UK for quite some time and went to uni there. I am searching through the web for somewhere where I might do some teacher training in TEFL, as I would like to redirect (the rest of) my career in that direction. And I don't know where to start...
I phoned the British council here in Paris, but they weren't able to help. Can you ?

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Re: How to become a "TEFL" teacher

Unread post by Azariah » 10 Dec 2011, 14:59

Hello :)

Well, I'm not familiar with schools in France but I just did a very quick Google search and found this website which lists CELTA courses all over the world. There are two websites listed for Paris: ... tions.html

Good luck!


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Re: How to become a "TEFL" teacher

Unread post by josef » 10 Dec 2011, 16:42

You can also find CELTA courses worldwide through the official Cambridge ESOL CELTA centre finder at: ... g/

The following two directories also list TEFL courses in Paris:

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Re: How to become a "TEFL" teacher

Unread post by Mrdaudiqbal » 11 Jun 2019, 09:55

Best of luck

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Unread post by kdammers » 29 Sep 2020, 15:15

ITTT ( ... nce/paris/) gets a lot of very positive reviews.

ITTi (https://internationaltefltraininginstit ... bout-itti/) has courses from 120 hours up through a master's. Strangely, I couldn't find any independent reviews. lists seven TEFL programs in France (including ITTT).

There are also hundreds of online possibilities.

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