INTESOL Worldwide Combined Course v CELTA or Cert TESOLl?

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INTESOL Worldwide Combined Course v CELTA or Cert TESOLl?

Unread post by janeemma » 11 Apr 2011, 09:50


I think like many I am very confused about what rout to take.

I am planning to move to Germany in August/September and am now making my decision on what step to take in order to gain my TEFL qualification.

I work full time at the moment and am saving as much as possible at the moment so doing a online option with one week in class with outside teacher assessment, seemed to be the best option for me (the INTESOL Worldwide course). The course is accredited by Ascentis and ODLQC but is not a CertTESOL course. It says it is equivalent to a CertTESOL (with the assessed teaching) but I'm worries this will not be good enough, especially for Germany.

Does anyone have any advice, I'm now looking at a 4 week course with CELTA or CertTESOL as I can't afforded to do a course that will not get me a job in Europe.

Also, does anyone have any advice on teaching in Germany for me?


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Re: INTESOL Worldwide Combined Course v CELTA or Cert TESOLl

Unread post by systematic » 13 Apr 2011, 13:56

Very briefly, although Intesol has a good reputation, CELTA is obviously the best known and most respected. Getting work in Germany is not so easy because many Germans nowadays speak reasonably good English learned in school, and most German teachers speak perfect English. There may be chances in Berlin.

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