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CELTA Madrid

Unread post by meganm » 10 Feb 2011, 20:33


I was wondering if anyone had any advice....

I have recently applied to do a CELTA course in Valencia in May however the course is already full so can only do it there in July. I had a look at courses in Madrid and there is a full time CELTA course but not until June. Is Madid still busy in June? Im not sure if everyone leaves for the summer for places nearer to the coast. Also is it unbearably hot at this time?
However there is a part time CELTA course starting in Madrid at the end of March, it lasts for 10 weeks but I think it would end up costing too much to live there for that long so was wondering if anyone knew how easy it is to get a bar job, I have experience and can speak some Spanish?

Anyway if anyone could answer any of my questions or suggest what they think is the best to do I ould be very grateful.


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Re: CELTA Madrid

Unread post by Alex Case » 10 Feb 2011, 23:50

The unbearable heat and mass exodus from the city tend to happen just in August, and even then it cools down in the evenings and the ghost town feel is quite nice.

I think a full-time course makes a lot more sense in your position. What are you planning to do when it finishes, though? Few schools in Spain will be recruiting till September, so your best option is probably to do a summer school in the UK. You will then have experience to put on your CV for the autumn jobs

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