Online tefl course! 140 hours in 10 days?

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Online tefl course! 140 hours in 10 days?

Unread post by ruqiyom » 18 Jan 2011, 23:56


I am taking the 140 tefl course online. When I open my online telf course it shows that I have 10 days left for this course. Does that mean I have 10 days left only for the 60hr online course or for the entire 140 course?

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Re: Online tefl course

Unread post by Joe » 19 Jan 2011, 14:05

You seem to be under a (common) misapprehension. There is no such thing as "the 140 hour tefl course online". Perhaps you meant to write "a 140-hour TEFL course online".

Did you ask your course provider for an answer to your question? That would be the obvious place to start.

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