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International House Budapest

Unread post by harrierose » 19 Oct 2010, 04:23

I'm contemplating doing a CELTA qualification with International House in Budapest. Has anyone done any training with this school? Also is this the school the BridgeTEFL use for their CELTA qualification in Hungary?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: International House Budapest

Unread post by MNProspect » 29 Oct 2010, 14:51

It is in fact the school BridgeTEFL is using for the CELTA. I registered for the CELTA through them and then went through the interview process with IH Budapest. And Bridge also confirmed prior to the interview that this is the school (their "partner") that they use in Budapest.

You can see some of what I have been thinking on my thread--Hamline or CELTA--which is in this forum. Most people are telling me to do the CELTA; certainly everybody on this board.

Why did you choose to go through Bridge? Was it because of their job placement guarantee?
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Re: International House Budapest

Unread post by Jascol » 18 Sep 2012, 13:07

I've been thinking of doing the CELTA course in Budapest (around £1300 incl. Acc) but I've heard lots of bad things about TEFL courses in general. In fact, most of the negative reactions to CELTA courses in general seem to be from people who are bitter about failing the course. At least that's how it comes across...

If anyone can add anything to this, bearing in mind I'm serious about teaching English, then your help would be appreciated. I most certainly do not want to just be a "tourist teacher" in any old school, but then neither am I expecting huge amounts of money.

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