weekend TEFL course - will i get a job?

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weekend TEFL course - will i get a job?

Unread post by jtowell » 03 Oct 2010, 10:56

hi, i have seen these weekend TEFL courses advertised. i was wondering if this was my only teaching qualification would i get a job (not in the UK). i have experience of teaching gcse - degree as a visiting lecturer (not english), have a degree and good command of english, thanks in advance.

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Re: weekend TEFL course - will i get a job?

Unread post by systematic » 04 Oct 2010, 03:04

The degree is important - it will satisfy the legal requirements and get you a visa and work permit. It is also pretty much required by most of the better employers. The main kind of TESOL certification by the schools that insist on it (most do), is a minimum of 120 hours on a face-to-face course with at least 6 hours of observed teaching.
Some online courses that involve at least 120 hours of study will be accepted, but without the practical element many employers will expect previous teaching experience of some kind, and proof of it.

I my opinion, I don't think there can be adequate training in a course that lasts only a weekend. Such a course is possibly useful as a 'taster', and may be helpful for anyone still undecided as to whether they should embark on a TESOL career or not. One weekend is not even enough time to read through a door-stopper training manual by jeremy Harmer or Penny Ur.

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