Which course??

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Which course??

Unread post by andrewm » 28 Aug 2010, 09:41

I'm looking at taking a TEFL course, and am interested in working in France. I've seen various courses on the internet, at different prices. I have looked at the course advertised at uk-tefl.com, this course is over 2 days and costs £195. Can anybody let me know if this course can be trusted, with it been cheaper and only over 2 days?. Does it have enough accredidation to get me some TEFL work.

Also which courses do people suggest to take?

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Re: Which course??

Unread post by systematic » 02 Sep 2010, 10:36

The very best thing to do first of all, is to read the hundreds of posts on this board that already generally address your questions. If you don't find anything that provides a specific answer, come back, and we'll take it from there. In the meantime, be careful to do as ,uch background searching as possible on any courses you see advertised on the Internet - there are the occasional scams out there, and they are not always blatantly obvious. Beware, for example, of the same firms operating under many different names and from behind many different webs sites.

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