Advice wanted re earning a TEFL certificate in Spain

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Advice wanted re earning a TEFL certificate in Spain

Unread post by AshieDawn » 13 Jul 2010, 20:48

Hi, my name is Ashley. I’m from the US and will be graduating w/ my BA in Spanish next Spring. I’m planning on completing a TEFL course in Spain next summer, preferably in Madrid, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what programs will be recognized outside of Spain. I want my certification to count as many places as possible. I’m most interested in teaching English to kids/teens in Latin America eventually… So although CELTA programs seem to be the most recognized worldwide, they focus on teaching adults and that’s not my main interest. Does anyone know if that would matter when trying to find a job teaching kids? Or would most places just be glad to have someone with a certificate and a 4 year degree? Also, is Canterbury a good program? I’ve heard mix things about it.

I’d really appreciate any feed back, even if it’s just to direct me to another forum… I’m completely lost and my poor eyes are drying out from reading so many pages, all of which seem to have conflicting views… I just want to make sure any program I complete will be worth my time and money. Thanks!

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Re: Advice wanted re earning a TEFL certificate in Spain

Unread post by Lucas » 15 Jul 2010, 18:03

TESOL/TEFL courses prepare trainees to create professional lesson plans for any level. Some people take TEYL courses to practice lesson planning for children, but you need a good TESOL/TEFL certificate for your own training and also as a credential for getting a good job.

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Re: Advice wanted re earning a TEFL certificate in Spain

Unread post by kirstyjay » 14 Sep 2010, 18:09

I would take the CELTA. They have 1 month residential courses available in Madrid. :)

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Re: Advice wanted re earning a TEFL certificate in Spain

Unread post by systematic » 15 Sep 2010, 03:51

Paradoxically, although most people considering a short or long career in EFL think first and foremost of teaching in mainstream schools (primary/secondary), most TEFL courses are focussed on teaching adults, but offer an optional, additional TYL (teaching young learners) module. Teaching children is not very different , and most people apply the required level of common sense when handling classfulls of them. Schools usually provide text books and resources for teaching young learners. I would imagine that very few CELTA or other TESOL graduates bother to take the extended course.

Although there is no internationally recognised accreditation for TEFL certificates, most certificates are recognised worldwide, but their worth is based on the course providers' reputations. Generally only specialised language institutes and colleges, and universities will be fully conversant with the infrastructure of TEFL certification, while mainstream schools that do not have a structured English department and only employ a few native speakers are more likely to accept certificates on face value. They also often pay lower salaries and offer less impressive working conditions.

CELTA is a household word everywhere, and other courses are not always cheaper. Probably none are better and CELTA standards are what most self-respecting course providers aspire to. But beware of scams - we have heard of some that have operated in Spain.

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