CELTA Training in Bogota, Colombia

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CELTA Training in Bogota, Colombia

Unread post by Talia » 25 Apr 2010, 15:27

I am considering the 4 week CELTA course in Bogota, Colombia and would like to know if anyone has done their training there? What should I expect during the four week course?
From what I have read on this forum, it seems that the CELTA is quite intensive, even if you have prior experience teaching. Having taught elementary and special education for over six years in the states, I hoping that my prior teaching experience will be of some assistance. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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Re: CELTA Training in Bogota, Colombia

Unread post by systematic » 28 Apr 2010, 07:58

CELTA courses are strictly controlled by the University of Cambridge ESL. Wherever you take them, and whoever actually delivers the course, the quality should be the same worldwide.
You'll find a lot more interesting information posted by our readers by entering 'CELTA' in the forum search box - especially on the value of previous teaching experience. However, opinions may differ and you might still have to draw your own conclusions.

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