Diploma in Tesol (LTTC) vs Certificate in Tesol (Intesol)?

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Re: Diploma in Tesol (LTTC) vs Certificate in Tesol (Intesol)?

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As a retired teacher, teacher trainer, university teacher, and DoS of many years, I'd like to offer this advice regarding online courses such as INTESOL. 1.) Any reputable organization will NOT employ you with anything other than an MA, a government school programme qualification e.g. UK PGCE, a Trinity TESOLcert or diploma, or a Cambridge cert or diploma. 2) If a course is offering big discounts, ask yourself why. Most reputable face to face courses have waiting lists and entry criteria. 3) You cannot learn to teach anyone anything properly online. Ask the thousands of teachers forced into it through Covid.4) Avoid courses that offer anything less than 120 hrs of instruction, input, assignments, tasks, exams and in classroom observed teaching. That's standard for all good courses 5) Check the first language and qualification of the instructors. You'll find many have a poor grasp of English themselves and have minimal qualifications. Ideally, you want to be able to teach correct pronunciation, as this is what most students from countries such as China and Korea ask for. Poor pronunciation from your teacher will really impede you 6) make sure you know where the company is based in case you need to take legal action against them. 7) Ignore companies that put good reviews on their own website. Trust independent reviews and reviews on this website.

At the end of the day, a good course, with a reputable organisation that will garner a good, well paid job will be expensive. Save up for this. Don't be tempted by discounts, money off, limited time offers etc. Imagine the poor salaries they are paying their teachers if they are offering you a course for 125 pounds. You and your money are worth more than that. And go to school to do the course. Yes we have Covid. So wait. There is nothing more valuable than the real life connections you make in your cohorts or the ideas they will give you. Don't be tempted. Teaching is not something you can learn online.
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