Online Courses and qualifications For Spain

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Online Courses and qualifications For Spain

Unread post by Jarvis » 18 Apr 2010, 20:22


I'm new to the forum and looking to find out more information before I take the plunge.
I'd like to teach English in Spain (Tenerife specifically) and looking into which course is best.
I've heard good things about the CELTA course although it does seem like a lot of money to invest in something so I'm also considering the online courses as that would save money if I decide teaching isn't for me.
However, I understand the online courses are not as well respected as CELTA or Trintity TESOL so would I struggle to get a job with the online course in Spain.
Also- I've seen some job adverts insist on a degree as well as a TEFL certificate. Is this the norm as I don't have a degree?

Thanks for your advice.


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Re: Online Courses and qualifications For Spain

Unread post by systematic » 19 Apr 2010, 21:21

The normal path to successful employment in TEFL is to have a degree, backed up with formal training as a teacher such as a PGCE, or a TEFL certification. It's very difficult nowadays to get a good teaching job without a degree, and the governments of most countries now insist on it, so you'll be struggling anyway. I would suggest that if you don't have a degree, then you should at least consider doing a respected and recognised face-to-face course that would also include assessed practical teaching experience. Even if you currently feel that teaching might not be for you, it might be better than doing a cheaper (not always so much cheaper either) online course first, then liking the work and finding you would need to pay to do a CELTA to (hopefully) compensate for not having a degree, to get better jobs.

Nevertheless, other contributors here may offer other advice.

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Re: Online Courses and qualifications For Spain

Unread post by kirstyjay » 17 Sep 2010, 15:09

I work in Tenerife as an Auxiliar Inglés and have been teaching for 5 years now. I went back to the UK to do my CELTA just over a year ago. If you want to teach in Tenerife as an English Teacher in State School you will need a Degree that is then translated and approved by the Canarian Government. A PGCE would be good too. You will then have to do your oposiciones and you could be given a position anywhere in Spain until you make your way up the 'list' and get enough points to request a school where you wish to be.

It's a complicated system... by far too complicated to write the whole thing here!

You could become an auxiliar, like myself, which means that you work in a school alongside the English teacher. Due to Spanish law, you will not be left in the classroom alone and are not classed as the 'teacher'. Although you do not specifically need a TEFL for this work, it's preferred and the waiting list is long for jobs, so if you have one it would help. I would get a CELTA if I were you.

For private schools, I would assume at least a degree is required, a PGCE and a CELTA too, but I cannot speak for individual schools. You would have to contact them directly and ask what their requirements were.

Hope this helps :)

For more specific info about Tenerife, you could try as there is loads of stuff about the Spanish (and specifically Tenerife) education system. I have written a lengthy post about it explaining all about the system and it's trials and tribulations! Just do a search for my username, as it is the same on there, as it is on here.

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